Exterior Painting

Exterior painting for residential property is our specialty. When painting the exterior of your home we work hard to make that experience as pleasant as possible for you. We can help you choose colors if you wish or recommend a reputable designer for a professional touch.

Once you have settled on your color choices the rest is on us to give your home that new look. Your place will be transformed and rejuvenated, protecting it from the driving rain and changes in weather which we get so much of in Vancouver.

When preparing for exterior painting certain steps must be taken for maximum protection and lasting value. Our goal on every job is the highest quality work using excellent paints on a properly prepared surface. This ensures lasting value on each structure we work on. From heritage homes to the most modern architectural designs in Vancouver, we take meticulous care to paint beautiful lines that showcase your home the way it was meant to be seen.

What We Do For Exterior Home Painting

  • Removal of loose paint, scraping surface where necessary, filling holes and cracks, caulking
  • Covering areas (flowers, bushes, decks, etc.) for protection
  • Applying primer to scraped areas and where needed
  • Two finish coats of paint – sprayed or rolled
  • Two finish coats for trim and facia
  • Final touch ups and walk around with owner before signing off
  • Pressure washing and property clean-up as a final touch

Decks and Patios

Decks and patios are constantly exposed to the elements so a fresh coat of stain or paint will help extend its life.

It is important to us how you feel once the work is done and we are gone. You and your guests will be comfortable lounging outside or enjoying the yard when the deck and patio looks well kept. If the subject of painting ever comes up at a social gathering we hope our name is mentioned. Your opinion is important to us because one of your guests may want their home painted one day too.

If you are satisfied, we have achieved our goal.

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