Professional House Painters in Burnaby

Posted on: May 16, 2017 by in City
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As the Burnaby population increases, we are frequently contracted to paint the homes and condos for homeowners, local businesses and commercial interests, whether it be a new house or new construction.

Strata Specialists

The number of strata developments in Burnaby has been growing rapidly, thanks to the city’s two Skytrain lines: the Expo Line and the Millennium Line. We are proud to be taking care of the Burnaby house painting needs for many people in the city – something we have been entrusted with for years now.

Professional Painting Services Burnaby

You can count on Roman’s Painting Company for the best in service.

GVRD Government Seat

Burnaby is home to the administration facilities for the Greater Vancouver Regional District. It also is a busy, busy place due to having Canada’s second-largest shopping center, Metrotown, along with Simon Fraser University and some of the area’s nicest and busiest parks, such as Central Park and Burnaby Mountain Park.

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